was created with one single idea

Polish investors should have a chance to explore European crowdfunding market

It is simple but in the very beginning this one thought was the cornerstone for our service. Now as became the leading crowd-investing aggregator in Poland, we provide:

  • Aggregation of equity, lending and estate crowdfunding offers from whole Europe
  • Financial and technical guidance to our Polish users
  • Analysis of crowd-investing market
  • Search and filter tools for presented opportunities arrangement

Our service

In we gather crowd-investing offers from leading European platforms. This way our users could easily search & compare opportunities from separate websites dispersed all around Western Europe.

Since we do not presents our own investment options, we are independent from entrepreneurs and could provide professional service to our clients. Also in our investment guide we provide financial data analysis & manuals on how to register and acquire most interesting offers which could support Polish investors in selection of the best opportunities.


Who we are? We are